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Sound Magix Songwriters (RC:3245647) is a songwriting company in Nigeria, that offers songwriting, song sales and other forms of music services. Sound Magix Songwriters was started, out of the need to improve on the standard and quality of songs, and to make good songs available to music artistes in need of them.

A larger number of our clients      consists of music artists, but Sound Magix Songwriters also offers songwriting services to other brands like movie companies, who might need theme songs for their movies, or business brands like telecommunication companies, NGO’s, manufacturing companies, banks, betting and lottery companies  etc, who might also need songs for promotional or advert purposes.

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Every song being sold by Sound Magix Songwriters, comes with a sales agreement (copyright transfer agreement) which transfers the copyright ownership of the song from Sound Magix Songwriters to the buyer, which gives the buyer full and exclusive rights and ownership of the song.


Our mission here at Sound Magix Songwriters is to write ✍️ compose and create timeless music that will become hits, that people will connect with, and will be know and appreciated world wide.


Our vision here at Sound Magix Songwriters, is to create a platform where music artists of any genre can gain access to good songs that will travel the world.

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